Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby's first wetbag!!!

Here is a little wetbag I made today for the baby my DH and I are expecting in a few months!

I quilted the entire bag using 100% cotton batting in between the cotton fabric layers and included a clear vinyl layer on the inside for the waterproof part of the wetbag!

Since I plan to use cloth diapers I wanted to make a wetbag for days out on the town so that we can throw the soiled cloth diapers, cloth wipes, etc.

I'm excited! I love this fabric and I think it came out super cute!

I even filled the clear vinyl lining with 4 cups of water to see how much moisture would leak out if any... and it only dripped a very tiny bit through the bottom two corners!... which was surprising given that I had sewn down the sides of the vinyl and I expected the needle holes to leak a lot more... especially since I had basically filled half the bag with water!!! I am very proud of this wetbag and very pleased with how functional it is!

The closure I used is Touchtape which is a stronger version of regular Velcro which I also use on the cloth diapers I have made for the baby.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wristlet purses and makeup bags!

So, my latest obsession is making wristlet purses and makeup bags! I"m glad my friends seem to love them too! Everyone has been buying them for themselves and as gifts.... Here are just a few of the ones I have sold so far. You can check out my website frequently for new additions that are up for sale!

Baby Quilts!!

Here are 2 of the quilts I have been recently commissioned to make. I have blurred out the babies' names for privacy purposes...

I created an alligator applique by hand and used a Florida Gator fabric border for this baby boy quilt since the gift was for Gator Alumni that were having a baby boy... GO GATORS!!

For the other baby boy quilt I combined aqua, browns, and creams for the quilt top and a wave-like aqua fabric for the backing. I created a teddy bear applique from scratch and included it in the center with the boy's name on the top/bottom of the quilt top.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Slip Cover, etc!

So, one of my sorority sisters asked me if I could and would be willing to make a slip cover for her baby girl's favorite chair... mind you, I have NEVER made anything that even resembled a slip cover... but I was up for the challenge!

So, I grabbed some muslin and started draping away! LOL. Surprisingly enough I was able to pull it off! :o)

I am very proud of myself! I even had so much left over fabric that I made the little girl a fleece blanket and a fleece backpack!

My Grab-N-Go Quilted Pot Holders TUTORIAL!!

I got tired of having to fold a flat pot holder in half to grab a cookie sheet out of the oven after it slipped a few times and I managed to burn myself so, I came up with a pattern for these handy little quilted pot holders! Your hand slips right in and you don't have to worry about it slipping off!

All pot holders are made with 100% cotton fabrics and Insul-Brite (thermal batting) inside. The Insul-Brite helps redistribute the heat of whatever you are grabbing back to the source so it keeps your hands feeling cool.

UPDATE: I decided to include a written tutorial for this project. I hope you like it. The pattern is my original design so please use it for personal use only. If you want to tag my tutorial to your blog or another website feel free to do so but please let them know where you got it! Feedback is always welcome so let me know how your Grab-N-Go pot holders turn out! Thanks!

Here is the link for my Grab-N-Go Pot Holders.  

You can also watch the video tutorial version HERE.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Embroidered Burping Cloths for our 1st Baby!


So, my DH and I are having our first baby this year and since I love to sew and quilt I have been working on several projects for baby's arrival!
My sewing machine is a Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 400 and it does small scale embroidery so, I decided to put it to work and make some burping cloths out of some snuggle flannel I bought at Joann's and some embroidery cartridges I have with baby designs.

Here are 3 of burping cloths with baby embroidery designs. Some of the designs call for a bunch of different thread colors but since we are having a boy and I wanted to keep it simple I just did the entire design in the same baby blue rayon embroidery thread. I think they came out super cute! :o)

My DH says the baby lion design is his favorite and since our little boy's middle name will be "Rey" (meaning King in Spanish), I thought it would be very appropriate to embroider a "king of the jungle" on one of his burping cloths!

Also, I used my serger to do a rolled hem all around the burping cloths.



So, my new favorite projects to make are aprons!! This is one that has our sorority's colors that I made for one of my sorority sisters as a graduation gift! I made it cute and short for that extra sexy look! She loved it and I am looking forward to making more for gifts and for sale. Stay tuned for a few different ones I will be posting soon on my website for sale!

I also figured I would post a tutorial for my super quick and easy apron pattern!

I am kinda swamped right now with stuff but I promise I will try to get the stuff on my website as soon as I can!

Thanks for checking in everybody! :o)
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