Sunday, March 7, 2010

the Crafty Gemini show premieres!

This day has finally arrived! The official launch of the Crafty Gemini show! The first episode has been officially posted on Crafty Gemini channel. Watch Episode #1 below.

The Crafty Gemini show is about accentuating what people already have. Yes, it is very convenient to be able to go out and buy your children new clothes or new birthday gifts for friends & family, but it is becoming less possible to do these things with the usual convenience because of the current economic conditions in our country and in the world.

The Crafty Gemini show allows viewers of all backgrounds and income/resource levels, to participate equally and effectively in the projects presented.

The show will cover sewing & quilting, paper crafts, cooking, baking, and all kinds of shortcuts, tips & tricks along the way. It's all about being resourceful and using what you already have to make a great new gift or article of clothing!

The first episode covers some budget-friendly cloth diapering tips, what kinds of cloth diapers I have made and used on our baby boy, how to make 7 double-layer soakers for only $0.50, and where to purchase ultra-absorbent microfiber towels to use as soakers.

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Here is Episode #1... enjoy!

(FYI: Episode #2 has 2 giveaways!) Check back to find out what you need to do to enter for your chance to win one of 2 handmade prizes!

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