Monday, April 5, 2010

Cooking with Dominican Love

I'm Dominican.  My parents are from the Dominican Republic and my sisters and I were born in the U.S., but I am Dominican.  Dominican by the language I speak....the music I dance to....the customs & traditions I will pass down to my children... and so many other aspects of my culture that make me who I am.  I especially love my dominican food.  Luckily for my husband I love to cook (and bake).  I started cooking when I was just 6 years old.  My mother taught me how to make white rice, red beans, and chicken, called "La Bandera" (the flag) among Dominicans.  This is the most traditional meal in the D.R.  You can walk into a Dominican restaurant and ask for "La Bandera"and you will get a plate of rice, beans, and whatever meat they are cooking that day.  It is delicious!

When I met my husband I thought I was going to be in trouble in the cooking department because I wasn't sure if he would like rice and beans.  Come to find out he is from New Orleans and they love rice and beans.  The food in New Orleans is very similar to Caribbean and latin american food and it's been smooth sailing for us every since!

One thing I always have on hand in my kitchen is sofrito. Sofrito is an aromatic puree of vegetables and herbs that serves as the base for a lot of spanish and latin american dishes.  I have created this video tutorial to show you one way to make and store your own sofrito.  You can switch up the ingredients to include aromatics that you like in your food.  If you like more heat you can add jalapeƱo or habanero peppers.  If you like red bell peppers instead of green bell peppers you can use that instead. It is really up to you.

If you have never tried your hand at Caribbean or latin cooking... I highly recommend you do! Enjoy this tutorial and please comment and let me know what dishes you make with your sofrito!

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