Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Money Saving Quilting Tip#2

I always tell my students, "The one thing that will make your projects go from looking like a home ec student made it look like something you would be proud to give as a gift or even sell is PRESSING!"  They usually look at me like I'm insane, and then ask what pressing is.  When they realize pressing requires an iron some of them claim right then and there that quilting isn't for them.  Others (to my surprise) claim they don't own an iron!  WOW!  I can't believe that! Maybe I'm a weirdo but I ♥ ironing/pressing.  I iron (and starch the heck out of) my husband's work clothes every night before I go to bed.  I press creases into his shirts and pants, etc.  I love it.
In my sewing room I'm one of those quilters that starches ALL her fabric before cutting and sewing.  I'll even admit I will starch sometimes as I'm piecing blocks together if I feel they are budging a little more than I would like. I just enjoy having stiff pieces of fabric to sew through.  It's easier and more precise.  
Remember when I talked about my irons in this post.  Well, I've since ordered a new Rowenta iron.  I was looking to upgrade from my old one (which still works) and found this baby.  

I bought her online for the low!  In my local Joann's store I saw it for $95.99.  Crazy!  I love it.  It is pretty heavy for an iron but that is no problem for me and I like that it gets even the toughest creases out.  The steam is nice and strong and the precision tip really helps when I'm ironing my husband's work shirts around the collar and all that jazz.
I'm going to assume that if you quilt and are reading this post you own an iron.  If you don't... please tell me how you survive without one! 
My money saving tip #2 is for cleaning the sole plate of your iron!  Can you believe Rowenta sells their own soleplate cleaner for $15.99.  And its a little-bitty tube of paste at that.  I purchased the Dritz version of the cleaner for a fraction of that cost but it was hard to rub the hot sole plate all the time (because I use so much starch) and I almost burned myself a few times. Did I mention nasty, nasty fumes?! Ugh... so,  I was playing around with some different cleaning options and decided to try a wet Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and voila! Like butter and I didn't even have to touch it. They are a lot less expensive than those cleaners and you can clean it multiple times with just one eraser.

Here is the how-to:
- wet your magic eraser enough so that it is wet all the way through
- place the magic eraser over a folded towel to protect your surface
- heat up your iron and swipe it over the magic eraser
- no fumes, no burns, and a clean iron!

Try it and let me know how it works for you!

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