Monday, December 31, 2012

Fleece Hat with ear flaps- DIY TUTORIAL

Brrr! It's been chilly here in North Central Florida. We've had several nights now where we've had to cover plants or bring some indoors. Frost and freezing nights are a little more than what we are used to here especially when my kids want to spend all day outside. I whipped up an easy pattern and tutorial for these super warm and comfy fleece hats with ear flaps. I think it will come just in time for a lot of you who live in waaaay colder climates than us!

The hat is fully reversible and really easy to sew up. If you are a beginner definitely think about giving this project a try! I also enjoy working with fleece because the raw edges don't fray and it's very forgiving.

If you are looking for fleece fabric click HERE. 

A few tips for sewing with fleece: 
- Check your machine's manual to see if you can loosen up the presser foot tension {not the top thread tension- two totally different things}.  The bulky layers of fleece can be difficult to keep even if the presser foot is biting down on your fabric too tight.

- Use a walking foot on your machine if you have one. It always makes my sewing life easier. If you don't have one click HERE to find a compatible one for your sewing machine.

Side view of the fleece hat. Super soft & comfy!
Click HERE to download the FREE fleece hat e-pattern (PDF) in two sizes- Adult and Child.  {Patterns are one size fits most.}

Note: When printing your patterns make sure your printing settings are set to 100% or the original size. Do NOT select the "fit to page" option.  You want to make sure they print out at the proper scale and I've included a little 1" x 1" square to help you check that you printed it out correctly.
Gotta keep my babies warm while we harvest veggies from the garden!

Now I'll leave you with the step-by-step video tutorial where I will also share with you.... my new haircut!! Let me know what you think of it.  I'm trying to start 2013 with a fresh new look. Hope you enjoy!

Click HERE to watch the video.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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