Wednesday, December 26, 2012

His first sewing machine!

I took a break from posting a tutorial this week because we were out of town on Christmas Eve celebrating with my family.  It was also my 4-year wedding anniversary! So, it was great to spend it with my amazing husband and extended family.

My son got exactly what he wanted for Christmas. His "own sewing machine, race cars and monster trucks." I love that he listed them in that order, too!

Got him his first sewing machine just like he asked!

I finally decided on this baby blue Kenmore 11206 sewing machine.  I did some research and discovered that Janome makes the newer Kenmore machines...and I love the one little basic Janome machine I already have.  So, for less money you get a Janome machine that has the Kenmore name on it. Sounds good to me! If this machine looks familiar it's because it is the same as the ever-popular  Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine. Just a different color and the word Kenmore stuck on it. Cool, eh?! You can imagine how excited I was to see that Tuesday Morning had the machine on sale for $59.99! I had to jump on it! Click HERE to see if the sale is still running.

Opening up his first sewing machine... and looks like someone wants one too!
I originally purchased THIS sewing machine for him because it's the Kenmore version of a little Janome workhorse machine I have.  But after I found the blue one and it's just a touch smaller than a regular sized machine I thought he would love this one more so I ordered it too. But the 19106 is a great beginner machine so I kept it anyway. So what if I have the exact same machine already? I didn't return it. {Of course, not!} I'm keeping it for myself and just adding it to my sewing machine stash.

Total machine count as of today{not counting my son's}: 7
It really is an addiction. Sssshhhh... don't tell my hubby! 

I hope to do some reviews on these beginner machines in the coming weeks/months since I get so many requests for machine recommendations for newbies. So stay tuned for that!

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. I'll chat with you again soon!

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