Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BEST sewing machine for beginners!

In this week's video I'm answering the #1 question I am asked by you!

"What is a great & affordable sewing machine for beginners?"

Here it is! The Kenmore 19106 (or Janome 11542).  This is my personal recommendation based on years of experience with a lot of different machines. I currently have 11 sewing machines in my studio and this one is one of my go-to machines, for sure!
Kenmore 19106 sewing machine
This machine is lightweight but one of my more heavy duty workhorses. You need to watch my video review to understand what I mean. You will shocked and amazed to see what this little 11 -pound machine can do! But the best part is the price! 

Tuesday Morning sells this machine for only $59.99! 

Yes, that is correct. No typo.  $59.99.  Tuesday Morning is the only place I've been able to find this machine at such a low price.  You may come across it elsewhere but the price will be 2-3 times what Tuesday Morning sells it for. If $59.99 is not an affordable price point for a quality machine I don't know what is! Trust me people... it's worth looking into.  I have 3 of these machines and love them!

To buy this machine from Tuesday Morning you can visit a local store in your area.  To find the local store click HERE.  Or, you can also purchase directly from their website by clicking HERE.

Just so you know this is the exact same model as the Janome 11542 which I have been using in my video tutorials for a few years now.  I recently found out that Janome manufacturers the newer Kenmore machines. So, you are getting Janome quality with the Kenmore name on it.  
Same machine just different brand names on it.
Ok, enough rambling. Watch the video and learn why I love it so much!

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