Monday, May 20, 2013

Child Size Bean Bag Chair -DIY Video Tutorial

I've had this project on my mind for a very long time... just never set aside the time to figure it all out and do it.  So when a new sponsor- Shannon Fabrics reached out to me about trying out their Cuddle Fabric I knew this was the perfect project for it!

I also provide you with the template you need to create the bags for FREE! Just click HERE to access it.  Make sure you "download" the project from the Google Doc file before you try to print it.  It needs to be printed while it's open in the Adobe PDF reader. The full template is 3 printed (8.5" x 11") sheets of paper and I included a 1" x 1" square for you to make sure your printers settings are printing it correctly. Do not adjust the page settings to "fit to page" for printing.
I wanted to make these specifically for our homeschool classroom for the kids to "read" on. As you can see they love 'em! I especially like that they are light enough to be moved out of the way or stacked in a corner.

No matter your sewing skill level I think you will be able to easily finish this project with the help of step-by-step video tutorial. It's 15 minutes long but I did my best to cover as much info as I could. Trust me when I tell you it is NOT easy to edit down hours of footage into 15 minutes. Phew!

The outer shell of the bean bag chairs is made of Cuddle Fabric by Shannon Fabrics. It is sooooo soft and as the name suggests- Cuddly! It's machine washable/dryable and they make it in dozens of different colors, prints and textures. You can find Cuddle Fabric HERE, at your local fabric/quilt shop, or at a number of other online retailers.

To fill the bean bag chair I used Fairfield's Poly-Fill® Bean Bag Filler. Which you can get at 20% off if you use our exclusive code: CG13BB and order from HERE.  This code is valid until September 1, 2013 and is limited to one use per customer.

For the closure I tried two different methods and they both worked fine: For my daughter's bean bag I used my handy plastic snap kit {get it HERE} which I show you how to do in the video and for my son's I used hook and loop tape.

These should last us a good long time.  Just remember to keep flipping the bean bag around so the Poly-Fil® Bean Bag Filler doesn't get compressed over time.

Hope you enjoy the video tutorial and thanks for following my crafty projects!

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