Saturday, November 30, 2013

TOP 5 SALES going on right now!

I should be in bed right now.... but instead, I'm online checking out this weekend's crazy sales. I'm not one to be out and about with the crowds but I do like to shop around from the {warm & toasty} comfort of my own home. I really don't need to be buying anything and there are some awesome goodies on sale in cyber space right now. So, the plan is that writing this post for you will help me keep the clicks to a minimum and instead pass off the savings to you! Plus, I'm not trying to give my hubby a heart attack! Here are the TOP 5 online sales going on right now that I suggest you check out this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Enjoy!

#1) Wonder Clips- a MUST-HAVE for any sewist or quilter. I use these for binding all my quilts. You can just use them in place of pins for a gazillion different projects. Especially handy for binding around bulky fabrics or multiple layers. They are over 60% off right now. So get them while you can. You won't be disappointed. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WONDER CLIPS.

#2) Sakura Pigma Micron Pens I use these pens on paper and fabric. They are archival and permanent. I like to write info into my custom-made quilt labels with them. Just hit it with a hot iron and it will set permanently on the fabric. I have not had any problems with fading or washing out in the 6 years I've been using them. Great price for a bundle of six pens each with a different sized tip. You will thank me. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PENS.

#3) Glass Head Pins- I have a lot of cheap pins that I go through like crazy but I always keep a special stash of glass head, fine pins on hand for more delicate, precise work that may require ironing while the pins are in place. These are my go-to for that! The glass head won't melt if you mistakenly hit it with your iron and they are fine enough that you won't have the fabric layers buckle on you as you try to sew them together. No large holes in your fabric either! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PINS.
#4) Beginner Sewing Machine- You may recall the blog post I wrote earlier this year about teaching my preschool aged son to sew on his sewing machine. I get a lot of emails asking about his machine. Well, unfortunately I've had no luck finding the machine he has in the same blue color anywhere. However, here is the EXACT SAME machine in two different color ways- perfect boys & girls. The Hello Kitty one is sooo cute! It's a great little beginner machine. Perfect for teaching children or even as a backup/travel/class machine for more experienced sewists & quilters. No fancy bells and whistles but a great quality entry-level machine. This bundle is great because not only is the machine on sale, but they are throwing in a pack of needles and 10 extra bobbins! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SEWING MACHINE.

#5)  Fabric & Yarn: Then you have the sale & closeout page over at Craftsy where all the yarn and fabric is at a crazy discount. Some products are 50%, 60%, 70% and even 80% off! Stock up on some crafty supplies for the crafters in your life... or for yourself. Nothing wrong with that, right?! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SALE.

And here is a little something I don't yet have but seriously want!
 Another sewing machine! My husband will probably fall out if I bought one more sewing machine. So, shhhh. Don't tell him I'm even looking at this one! I have 11 sewing machines! AH! It's an obsession. I'll admit it. Every few years I sell some or give them away and I always manage to build up my collection again. But who can resist?! This little machine is a steal for everything you get. The reviews are mostly positive and I've heard that Juki machines are awesome from friends who swear by them. What do you think? It's called the Juki HZL- 27Z and it's almost 70% off right now! It's a 3/4 size machine that has a top drop-in bobbin, built-in needle threader, decorative stitches and a 7-point feed dog system that is supposed to feed through any fabric weight with ease. I even did some more research HERE and it really does seem like a great starter machine for kids or beginners or just, you extra one to have on hand for those of us with collections! The colors are so cute, too! I would totally rock this machine out at a guild meeting. AH! Must resist buying another machine!

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